Online Kettlebell Coaching

Since 2010 I have helped people from all sorts of backgrounds and ambitions to get results through online kettlebell coaching.

My focus is on the basics done to perfection, and making strength training sustainable  for busy people.

I keep things simple and straight to the point because my role is not to entertain you, but to make you stronger AND able to move better without wasting your time.

The ultimate goal of my online kettlebell coaching services is to empower you so that you can eventually train independently, from home or anywhere.

Online kettlebell coaching is 100% tailored to your goals and abilities, the time you have available for training each week and the equipment you have at your disposition. The workload is adjusted to a realistic level, according to your feedback.

As a student of my online kettlebell coaching, you receive fast and reliable access to support by email and video.

If you’re curious, email me ( and I’ll send you a questionnaire to get started.
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