Kettlebell training at home

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[cs_testimonials][cs_testimonial author=”Steve Cotter” slogan=”Founder and Director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation” avatar=”×150.jpg”]

“Thierry Sanchez has assembled a valuable resource for Kettlebell lifters throughout the world! Through his tireless research and humble study, he was able to gather, translate, assemble, organize and then share a wealth of information on the history, techniques, methods and programs of girevoy sport and kettlebell lifting. All of us who appreciate good, clear information owe a debt of gratitude to Thierry for doing what the rest of us did not do, but all benefit from. Thank you very much Thierry!”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Judi DeMuro” slogan=”USA” avatar=””]”I have always admired Thierry’s lifting technique, never thinking that he would be coaching me a few years later.  His training programs are a change from what I was used to. Thierry’s trainings have kept me on rep pace thought out my sets, and have helped me increase my competition results noticeably!”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Anders Hougaard” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]

“In early 2013 I started online kettlebell coaching with Thierry Sanchez. My results speak for themselves. At the starting point I weighed 110 kilos and could barely manage 90 reps of snatch with 24kg. 9 months later I had metamorphosed into into 95 kilos of superfit athlete. I hit a PR of 192 reps with 24kg and won the Danish championships by a large margin. I had ambitions with Long Cycle from the start of my training with Thierry, which he had refused to let me do, due to mobility issues with the rack position. Now, a year later, the 24s are like feathers to me and I have just started working with 2×36 kilos. To me, the best of it all is that I have had zero injuries. Thierry is a great trainer: methodical, knowledgeable, supportive, conscientious and absolutely no BS allowed!”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Frans Bach” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]

Da jeg bevægede mig ind i feltet Kettlebell sport som konkurrence idræt, var det meget vigtigt for mig, at min coach havde en holistisk tilgang til træning.
Thierry har coachet mig til succes både i konventionel Girevik Sport, Semi og Fuld Marathon. Jeg er nu Master of Sports, netop i fuld Marathon, har flere VM 1. og 2. pladser i såvel Marathon som konventionel Girevoy Sport. 

Jeg har oplevet stadig progression i mine løft, og Thierry forstår til fulde at balancere træningen i forhold til, hvad mit potentiale er, eftersom jeg er 54 år, og ikke på samme vis som yngre atleter kan adoptere samme træningsmængde.

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Andreas Andersen” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]”Okay…. Nu bliver det sgu for tøset men hey! Jeg kan passe et tøjmærke jeg aldrig har kunnet klemme mig ned i – let endda!!!
Det er såmen ikke det bedste… Det bedste er jeg har det godt i min ryg og nyder træningen”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Csaba Szalai” slogan=”Hungary” avatar=””]

“After 4 months of basic, but hard training, I went from beginner to winning a gold medal at a local Kettlebell Sport competition. Since then I went on to pass a Level 1 GS-Instructor with Oleh Ilika, and Thierry also helped me to get ready and pass Pavel’s StrongFirst SFG-Instructor exam. This is simply the very best kettlebell online coaching I have tried so far. Highly recommended for all the GS enthusiasts and really a must for people who want to exercise by themselves.”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Tonu Mikk” slogan=”USA”]

“I have been working out with kettlebells for about a year and half. I first attended a class on kettlebells and then started working out at home. I set myself a goal, but reaching it on my own become hard. Since I started training with Thierry, my progress has accelerated and I feel confident in my ability to reach my goal. The kettlebell online training has been tailored to my specific equipment and ability and gradually builds on my skills. Thierry delivers tremendous value with online coaching.”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Jonathan Miller” slogan=”USA” avatar=””]

“I have been involved in fitness personally and professionally for a long time. I have worked with athletes and the general public to help them achieve their goals. So I recognize the value of a fitness professional. When I decided to get into kettlebell sport, I knew I had to seek help from someone whom was a professional. And when I say professional, I mean someone with expert and specialized knowledge of the sport and the training methods involved. I was also looking for someone whom is accessible and willing to communicate over the internet. Thierry Sanchez exceeded my expectations in every way. His online kettlebell training programs were well planned and easy to understand. He provided links for anything I needed to see. He responded to me within a reasonable time, every time (which was a deal breaker with others I have contacted). Thierry is a professional in every way and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to get into kettlebell sport!”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Marina Aagaard” slogan=”MFT, Lecturer and fitness author, Denmark” avatar=”×150.jpg”]

“Super high-quality workshop by Thierry Sanchez at The Danish Coaching Academy (Aalborg Sportshøjskole). Scientific background and impressive highly skilled demonstrations and technique instructions. One of the best workshops I have ever attended, full of enthusiasm and useful information for all of the students.”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Rick Cannon” slogan=”Denmark”]

“Been having intermittant 1 on 1 coaching by Thierry since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and since inheriting my Grans Indian Clubs which she used on a daily basis until she was nearly 90. Can’t for the life of me understand why more people don’t take up this discipline, good for golf, racket sports, kayak paddlers and the list goes. I was going to say throw out the kettle bells and get some clubs but no do BOTH. Thierry is a great instructor with a seemingly broad base of knowledge where it counts and I am really benefitting from this with my all sides attack on a serious neurological disorder. Thanks.”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Thomas Moberg” slogan=”Denmark”]

“Kurser kan være præget af meget teori-nørderi, men her fik man lov til at prøve tingene af i praksis med det samme. Thierry er en fremragende underviser, en ildsjæl når det kommer til kettlebells og en rigtig flink person, så overvejer du at blive certificeret kettlebell-instruktør, kan jeg varmt anbefale Thierry Sanchez.”

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