Pahlavandle from Heroic Sport

Pahlavandle Indian clubs exercisesAfter a 3 years working on how to make Indian clubs more accessible to everyone, the Pahlavandle project finally came to life at the end of May 2017.

Club swinging is the perfect complement to strength and kettlebell training, as the main goal is to improve overall recovery and mobility of the shoulders. Light British style club swinging was basically an early form of physiotherapy, to help balance the body from the effects of modern life. Around the industrial revolution period, people were becoming more sedentary and used exercise as a mean of achieving well being. The restorative art  of club swinging went from being very popular to being an oddity.
We hope to change that!

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Lunges Tutorial

Lunges tutorial with complex variationsLunges have a funny reputation in strength training. Coaches either love them or hate them, depending a lot of times – I believe- on their own backgrounds.

Lunges are a common movement pattern we use in our daily lives, although the way we do them looks more like a simple step. Who goes ass to the grass full range of motion just for fun? In this post I will show you a plan to become good at doing lunges and plenty of variations.

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Pavel’s Simple Sinister

simple sinister kettlebellSimple Sinister is a short kettlebell program consisting of swings and get ups. Apart from a few other exercises in the warm up part, there is not much else to it. It was designed as a quick strength training session that complements your main activity/ sport.

In this post, I’m going to share my take on Pavel’s program. I am not affiliated with Strong first or RKC, but I come from a Girevoy Sport background. I guess “hardstyle” purists will criticize my technique. In my experience, whichever style or technique you use do not affect how nicely the program works.

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Physical Culture History

Physical Culture History & Indian clubsFor the physical culture history aficionados, here is a series of 10 minute videos by Ed Thomas on traditional methods of Physical Education, the golden age and decline of fitness in our current society.

Nothing is new. It is well worth your while to look at the past to see the future.
If you appreciate old pictures, you’re in a for a treat, as he also gives explications on the importance of precise and skilled movement.
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Breathing Exercises & Relaxation

breathing exercises for healthIn this post I cover a few simple breathing exercises that can improve your well being and performance.

The diaphragm is or should be, our primary muscle of inspiration.
If it doesn’t work properly, other muscles must pick up the slack. In these situations, the muscles of our neck and shoulder girdle are always turned on, as we breathe around 20,000 times every single day without thinking about it. It’s no wonder chronic tension, pain and dysfunction can arise from poor breathing patterns. Continue reading “Breathing Exercises & Relaxation”