Heavy Indian clubs

Heavy Indian clubsHeavy Indian clubs are the traditional strength and mindfulness training tools of Persian warriors and Indian wrestlers.

At Heroic Sport, last year we released the Pahlavandle, the equivalent of the “British style” Indian club. The simple handle can be screwed on a plastic bottle to create an instant and adjustable Indian club.

You can see how easy it becomes to run Indian club classes.

We are now releasing the Pahlavandle XL,  our take on heavy Indian clubs. In the spirit of the original handle, we also made this XL version into an affordable and adjustable club.

Karlakattai heavy Indian clubs

The design of the Pahlavandle XL comes from the heavy Indian clubs of “karlakattai” from the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India. These clubs have been used as in the training of the traditional martial art form known as “Silambam” going back 1000 BC.

The handle has no knob but instead features a reverse taper. It’s conical, thinner at the top and widening towards the end. This really forces you to engage your grip. The handle is also long enough to swing with 2 hands or 1 hand on the club.

The pipe can be shortened to the length you desire, or you could pop in the hardware shop, and buy a longer pipe and thread… Then it’s a matter of filling it up, gravel or whatever you can think of. Your heavy Indian clubs are ready to swing!

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How to get  your heavy Indian clubs Pahlavandle XL

Enquiries and order via email only: RNB@heroicsport.com

Price: 125€ shipped to your door!