Kettlebell Coach Thierry Sanchez

My journey into strength training actually started quite late. The motivation came from a serious mountain bike injury in my 30’s which left me weak, in a lot of pain, and with limited mobility in my hips and shoulders. At an age where most people stop being physically active and accept their daily aches and limitations,  I started to regain control of my body and improve beyond my expectations. My mood and energy levels went up as well.

In 2008 I decided to it was time to study more in depth, so I took a one year strength trainer diploma with DIF, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark. During that period, I also became attracted to kettlebells and other ancient tools such as sandbags, and Indian clubs.

I have used that knowledge to empower and help many people achieve their goals, win medals or just win over themselves.

Between 2009 and 2015, I competed in Kettlebell Sport as a veteran, even winning a World Championship title. I also have Danish records in Snatch, Jerk, and Clean & Jerk and Extreme Kettlebell Marathon.
In 2012 I created the Danish Kettlebell Sport Organization, and was vice president for International Kettlebell Marathon Federation from 2013-2016.

The Uruz, my logo, is an ancient Nordic rune that represents strength, health, vitality and new beginnings.

  • Have clear goals but remain flexible and understand why you are training. Each training session should build on the previous one.
  • We are meant to be able to move in 3 planes of motion. Retain or regain your ability to move to fully express your strength outside of the gym.
  • Most people need both strength AND endurance. Strength has many aspects, including fortitude (mental and emotional strength).
  • Training should be a positive element that enhances your lifestyle, not one that takes over it. Keep your training simple, short and straight to the point. I do not know if there is anything as sustainable strength training, it’s what I call it though…
  • Pick exercises that you can do with proper form and without pain. Do not become emotionally attached to an exercise, a piece of equipment or a training method.
  • Most of our time is spent indoors, sitting still, walking on flat surfaces and looking at objects in the confine of a small room. Even strength training, with all its benefits, has shortcomings. Walk and play outside: challenge yourself with new movement patterns, walk barefoot on uneven terrain, look at the horizon…
  • Speed your recovery process by improving your sleep quality and reducing your stress levels, before worrying about supplements and gimmicks.


  • 2015: Kettlebell Sport Danmark, National championship – Gold medal in Snatch
  • 2015: IKMF World championship, veteran division – Silver medal in Snatch
  • 2015: IKMF – Danish record in 2 hour Long Cycle Extreme Marathon
  • 2014: IGSF World championship, veteran division – Bronze medal in Long Cycle, Gold medal in Team Relay
  • 2013: Kettlebell Sport Danmark, National championship –Gold medal in Snatch, Gold in Long Cycle
  • 2013: Ventspils Atlants, veteran division – Silver medal in Snatch
  • 2012: Kettlebell Sport Danmark, National championship – Gold medal in Snatch
  • 2012: IGSF World championship, veteran division –  Silver medal in Snatch & Snatch sprint
  • 2010: IGSF World championship, veteran division – Gold medal in Jerk, Silver in Snatch