Online Kettlebell Coaching

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Since 2010 I have helped people from all sorts of backgrounds and ambitions to get results through online kettlebell coaching.

My focus is on the basics done to perfection, and making strength training sustainable  for busy people.

I keep things simple and straight to the point because my role is not to entertain you, but to make you stronger AND able to move better without wasting your time.

The ultimate goal of my online kettlebell coaching services is to empower you so that you can eventually train independently, from home or anywhere.

Online kettlebell coaching is 100% tailored to your goals and abilities, the time you have available for training each week and the equipment you have at your disposition. The workload is adjusted to a realistic level, according to your feedback.

As a student of my online kettlebell coaching, you receive fast and reliable access to support by email and video.

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If you’re curious, email me ( and I’ll send you a questionnaire to get started.
To see the options and rates, CLICK HERE.

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[cs_testimonials][cs_testimonial author=”Judi DeMuro” slogan=”USA” avatar=””]”I have always admired Thierry’s lifting technique, never thinking that he would be coaching me a few years later.  His training programs are a change from what I was used to. Thierry’s trainings have kept me on rep pace thought out my sets, and have helped me increase my competition results noticeably!”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Henrik Christoffersen” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]”Still a rookie in kettlebell sport but amazed how far specific, well dosed and simple training have taken me in such short time. Like Thierry said to me quite a few times:” relax and trust the process – and smile through pain”. I’m relaxed, smiling and eager to continue the process. And I strongly recommend teaming up with Thierry if you are looking for professional coaching and great results.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Csaba Szalai” slogan=”Hungary” avatar=””]”After 4 months of basic, but hard training, I went from beginner to winning a gold medal at a local Kettlebell Sport competition. Since then I went on to pass a Level 1 GS-Instructor with Oleh Ilika, and Thierry also helped me to get ready and pass Pavel’s StrongFirst SFG-Instructor exam. This is simply the very best kettlebell online coaching I have tried so far. Highly recommended for all the GS enthusiasts and really a must for people who want to exercise by themselves.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Inkaliina Savolainen” slogan=”Finland”]”Thierry has been my online kettlebell coach for over a year and I can recommend his online kettlebell training for anyone interested in using kettlebells. I started training for strength and fitness but eventually I decided to compete. I recently won a gold medal at the Finnish long cycle championship 2014. I know for certain that I could not have done it without his help. Communicating with Thierry is very easy, and he always answers my questions very fast.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Anders Hougaard” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]”In early 2013 I started online kettlebell coaching with Thierry Sanchez. My results speak for themselves. At the starting point I weighed 110 kilos and could barely manage 90 reps of snatch with 24kg. 9 months later I had metamorphosed into into 95 kilos of superfit athlete. I hit a PR of 192 reps with 24kg and won the Danish championships by a large margin. I had ambitions with Long Cycle from the start of my training with Thierry, which he had refused to let me do, due to mobility issues with the rack position. Now, a year later, the 24s are like feathers to me and I have just started working with 2×36 kilos. To me, the best of it all is that I have had zero injuries. Thierry is a great trainer: methodical, knowledgeable, supportive, conscientious and absolutely no BS allowed!”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Jonathan Miller” slogan=”USA” avatar=””]“I have been involved in fitness personally and professionally for a long time. I have worked with athletes and the general public to help them achieve their goals. So I recognize the value of a fitness professional. When I decided to get into kettlebell sport, I knew I had to seek help from someone whom was a professional. And when I say professional, I mean someone with expert and specialized knowledge of the sport and the training methods involved. I was also looking for someone whom is accessible and willing to communicate over the internet. Thierry Sanchez exceeded my expectations in every way. His online kettlebell training programs were well planned and easy to understand. He provided links for anything I needed to see. He responded to me within a reasonable time, every time (which was a deal breaker with others I have contacted). Thierry is a professional in every way and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to get into kettlebell sport!”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Jaime Campusano” slogan=”Chile” avatar=””]”Antes de solicitar tu ayuda para mi entrenamiento no sabia si realmente era una buena idea… Realmente me pude dar cuenta que fuiste muy util por que pude progresar mucho en forma ordenada, sin quedar nunca totalmente fatigado y sin mayores problemas en lo fisico. Lo que me ha sorprendido  es lo que puedo hacer ahora y que nunca pense que podria hacer o me imaginaba imposible. Yo solo, ni siquiera lo hubiera intentado. Te quiero dar las gracias por tus correcciones, directrices y tu paciencia por que yo se que no era un candidato muy ” fit”, y un poco duro para aprender algunas tecnicas que  requieren mucha dedicacion, tiempo y perseverancia.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Jakob Kristensen” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=”×150.jpg”]”Thierry’s programs have, with clear explanations on how to approach the sets and sessions, allowed me to train independently with kettlebells, even though I only had little knowledge of the method when I received my first 4-week program. Due to progression every session was equally interesting and made it fun to train, and I quickly felt improvements in both strength and conditioning. I would gladly recommend anyone to try, and I have no doubt they will find it both fun and effective.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Tonu Mikk” slogan=”USA”]“I have been working out with kettlebells for about a year and half. I first attended a class on kettlebells and then started working out at home. I set myself a goal, but reaching it on my own become hard. Since I started training with Thierry, my progress has accelerated and I feel confident in my ability to reach my goal. The kettlebell online training has been tailored to my specific equipment and ability and gradually builds on my skills. Thierry delivers tremendous value with online coaching.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Rick Cannon” slogan=”Denmark”]“Been having intermittant 1 on 1 coaching by Thierry since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and since inheriting my Grans Indian Clubs which she used on a daily basis until she was nearly 90. Can’t for the life of me understand why more people don’t take up this discipline, good for golf, racket sports, kayak paddlers and the list goes. I was going to say throw out the kettle bells and get some clubs but no do BOTH. Thierry is a great instructor with a seemingly broad base of knowledge where it counts and I am really benefitting from this with my all sides attack on a serious neurological disorder. Thanks.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Enrique Quesada Sanchez” slogan=”Spain” avatar=””]

“De los métodos de entrenamiento de Thierry Sanchez, solo puedo decir cosas buenas, llevo aproximadamente 6 meses siguiendo sus métodos, y bajo su supervisión he tenido una mejora importante, no solamente en la mejora de mis PR, sino en el aspecto técnico y sobre todo en la ausencia de lesiones y la desaparición total de dolor que sufría ( por seguir métodos inadecuados).
Su minucioso análisis de la técnica, sus correcciones y consejos y la facilidad para mantener una fluida comunicación hacen que cada día la mejora sea constante. La variedad en los entrenamientos y sobre todo la calidad y justa cantidad de los mismos hacen que la recuperación sea total, que no se viva en estado de fatiga y se olviden las lesiones. Este aspecto es para mí muy importante, ya que tengo 52 años y necesito una buena recuperación.
En cuanto a la mejora en competición, he pasado de no tener ninguna experiencia previa a estar en el pódium en las ultimas 4 competiciones.”

[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Shatchakarn Chaiear” slogan=”Thailand” avatar=””]”Online kettlebell training with Thierry  gave me a solid foundation for progress without the injuries I had been used to. He made sure to tailor the programs to suit my personal schedule and goals, also when I went away on holidays or business trips. The programs never get boring, there is always something interesting and videos for the new exercises.”[/cs_testimonial][cs_testimonial author=”Marta Thorsen” slogan=”Denmark” avatar=””]”Online kettlebell coaching hos Thierry er lige som at tage en spændende uddannelse – man udvikler sig  fra forskellige vinkler både den fysiske og den mentale. Thierry er en motiverende lærer og vejleder.  Ud fra de ønsker, muligheder eller begrænsninger man har, skræddersyer han træningsprogrammer, som giver de ønskede resultater.
Han viser nye veje til at opnå succes i Kettlebellsport uden skader eller store ændringer i mit private liv.  Min sidste personlige succes var, at jeg for første gang kørte Snatch med 16 kg ved Ultimate Girevik Cup 2015.
Thierrys kompetencer, personlige filosofi og humor gør online coaching til en berigende oplevelse for mig, som er en naturlig del af mit liv og fungerer harmonisk med resten.[/cs_testimonial][/cs_testimonials][cs_space size=”50″]