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Pahlavandle Indian clubs exercisesAfter a 3 years working on how to make Indian clubs more accessible to everyone, the Pahlavandle project finally came to life at the end of May 2017.

Club swinging is the perfect complement to strength and kettlebell training, as the main goal is to improve overall recovery and mobility of the shoulders. Light British style club swinging was basically an early form of physiotherapy, to help balance the body from the effects of modern life. Around the industrial revolution period, people were becoming more sedentary and used exercise as a mean of achieving well being. The restorative art  of club swinging went from being very popular to being an oddity.
We hope to change that!

The Heroic Sport website is up and running, and I encourage the readers of my blog to have a look.

Ron Bader is the designer of the Pahlavandle™, and has turned hundreds of Indian clubs since I first met him when I moved to Sønderborg.

Ron fell from a building in 2009, with multiple fractures of spine, skull, coma and more. I approached him to turn me some clubs in 2012, and proposed the train him with clubs. At that stage, he had seen all sorts of physicians and therapists, to no avail about his constant pain, loss of function, diminished muscle mass, difficulty to concentrate and so on.
We started very slow and light, and almost straight away Ron felt physical and mental improvement from the circular patterns.

Being able to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time was one of the most welcome benefits of club swinging. Fast forward to today, all the muscle mass is back. Ron can do all the complex swings without pain. For him, club swinging was life changing to say the least.
This lead him to innovate and create something available and affordable for everyone.

We have been testing the Pahlavandle for over 6 months, and had to solve lots of technical problems along the way. We are thankful for the positive response we have received so far. People from all around the world have been testing our Pahlavandle.

As an aside, the Perrier bottles were shaped after Indian clubs.
Simply screw the Pahlavandle onto any soda bottle . Soda bottles have a universal standard thread. Finding the right size bottle, one that can withstand the forces of the swings. Screw the bottle cap at the end of the handle, and you’re good to go.
This unique feature is great for beginners, as they can start with a light weight and progress for a while. And we’re guessing, they will eventually want a set of wooden clubs too.

Since the handle is hollow, the weight distribution is shifted towards the end of the bottle as you swing, mimicking the feel of a tear drop club.
We have tested all sorts of bottles, from a half liter, a liter to a  liter and a half, full bottles, half filled bottles. They all work great.
The handle does not come off while you swing, relax! But if you swing indoors and are worried about water, then fill up with grain instead. Also check your handles are secure every time.

Pahlavandle Indian clubs exercises app

To finish , we have video tutorials on subscription, with a free iOS app to go with it.
Right now there is all a beginner needs to get started safely.
We add new content on a regular basis, and will cover switch and transitions, footwork, combination flow, and circuit training.
You get 7 days for free to check it out. I have yet to see better and clearer material.


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