Kettlebell Biathlon Program: Jerk and Snatch


An effective and structured approach to training kettlebell biathlon. 4 days of training during the preparation phase and 3 days during the period leading to a competition. The sessions take no longer than 1 hour. 

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The goal of this kettlebell biathlon program is to provide you with an effective and structured approach to training both Jerk and Snatch.
The program calls for 4 days of training during the preparation phase and 3 days during the period leading to a competition. This ebook is less of a template, but more of a practical guide than previous work. With it, you’ll gain get insight about the main programming principles for GS.

The approach is as simple as possible  for anyone to follow and increase their results.  Training methods are explained as simply as possible. This leaves you some freedom to add personal choices. I take you though a 4 week training cycle to illustrate the principles and guidelines to become better at program design. And I also provide an approach on how to peak for kettlebell biathlon, all the way to the competition day.

Kettlebell biathlon program content

  • introduction
  • basic safety rules
  • blisters & grip issues
  • handcare
  • warm up
  • the template during the preparation period
  • example of a 4 week cycle
  • the 3 main training methods
  • assistance training
  • core training
  • recommendations for cardio
  • breathing patterns
  • the template leading to the competition
  • example of an 8 weeks out cycle
  • recovery advice
  • stalling
  • disclaimer
  • about the author