Kettlebell Marathon Training Program: Bogatyr Endurance


This e-book gives you the tools to create and adjust a kettlebell marathon training program to your level of strength and fitness. With 3 sessions a week, you’ll watch your strength endurance increase, and best of all, avoid over training.
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This e-book covers a systematized approach to kettlebell marathon training and program design: an overview to get started and progress, including training approach, an 8 week cycle example, video links and lots of advice about assistance strength work and recovery.
Kettlebell marathons are 30-60 minute event with a single kettlebell.  The athlete is allowed to change hands at will but most not place the kettlebell on the ground.

Knowledge of the kettlebell competition lifts (jerk, snatch, LC) and their variations is essential.


  • Introduction
  • About the program
  • Section A: the main work
  • Pacing
  • Going past plateaus
  • Picking the kettlebell exercises
  • Progressing though the template
  • Moving up to a heavier kettlebell
  • Section B: the assistance work
  • Exercise choice
  • 8 week plan
  • Recovery
  • A word of advice!