12 Week Barbell and Kettlebell Strength Program

This Kettlebell Strength Program program is an organized  and sustainable system to become stronger, fitter and move better.  It is not a program about finding out how much weight you can lift a single time. You will be alternating between 2 full body workouts over 3 weekly 45 minute sessions, performing 5 full body exercises, mixing barbell and kettlebell lifts. Each session builds progressively on the last, and it will be easy to see and track progress  through constant small improvements over 12 weeks.

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6€ =  7USD = 45DKK
Danes can pay via bank transfer. Email me.


In this 12-week Barbell and Kettlebell Strength Program , variation and progression are achieved by manipulating 3 parameters: the intensity (the weight lifted), the volume (the total number of reps done for an exercise) and the density (doing more work in less time).
Since we are not machines and our energy levels change from day to day, you will learn to regulate the workload by listening to your body. The point of this kettlebell strength program is not to make you tired but make you stronger.

Also included:
A section with advice about restitution and a practical method to reduce stress.
An exercise  library with clear videos.
A 12 week tracker to print out.

It is recommended that you can perform safely and pain free the following exercises: Squat, deadlift, kettlebell clean and overhead press, kettlebell half snatch, chin up, Turkish get up.

This program can be used as stand alone program for fitness, as a preparation cycle before getting into Girevoy Sport, post competition when you need to get stronger for the next size KB. I have also used block #2 of the program with my online clients as assistance training for their GS program with great success.


  • Introduction
  • About the program
  • Session A
  • Session B
  • How to perform the program
  • Exercise video library
  • Exercise choice behind the program
  • If you do not have a squat rack
  • If  you do not have a barbell
  • The 12 week planner
  • Recovery