4 Week Kettlebell Swing Workout

This training program is an all inclusive blueprint to start with kettlebell training in 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Simple to implement and follow along with a week planner and videos.
You can re-use this program by increase the size of the kettlebell or introducing more challenging kettlebell swing varaitions.

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This 4 week kettlebell swing workout is designed for people who are just starting off with kettlebell training, or may have been inactive for a while. The focus is on perfecting the 2 arm kettlebell swing and increasing strength and fitness levels, without rushing into any extreme programming.

The kettlebell swings strengthen the hips and lower back, and the assistance circuit is designed to improve strength, mobility, and stability around the core, legs, shoulders and upper back.
The program takes around 30 minutes and is repeated 3 times per week. The progression is gentle, giving your body a chance to adapt slowly and resume training safely. You will need a timer and at least one kettlebell.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Safety Rules
  • Warm up
  • Kettlebell swing video tutorial
  • Key points
  • Main mistakes
  • The program.
  • Part 1: Kettlebell swings
  • Part 2: Assistance exercises
  • The 4 week planner
  • Cool down
  • What’s next?