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Adjustable Indian clubs | Heroic sportMy blog has been quiet for  while now, here’s your chance to see what I have been up to lately.

The project with Heroic Sport is coming along nicely, and that of course is where I have been putting most of my time. We have designed and created the Pahlavandle, a simple plastic handle that screws onto a plastic bottle to turn it into an exercise club.


The pahlavandle gives the possibility to easily change the weight of the club at an affordable price. They have been tested independently by the people at Indian Clubs Hungary up to 3kg.


On a purely physical level, you can expect to counter balance the effects of bad posture. Club swinging opens the chest and shoulders, improving your range of motion. If you lift weights overhead, better thoracic spine and shoulder flexibility will improve your performance.

One of our customers regained range of motion after injury an now can get into a pull up position.

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Physical Therapy for Shoulder & Neck Pain

Posted by Heroic Sport on Friday, September 29, 2017

The clubs will strengthen your core, shoulders, arms and grip. Club swinging can be combined with footwork to also target the hips and lower body.

If you want to learn how to swing Indian clubs you can:

  • contact me to host a workshop
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Club swinging is a discipline based on fluid and controlled movements in multiple planes of motion, like Taichi or dance, and is rooted in Martial arts. The weight of the clubs turn club swinging into a combination of  strength and mindful movement. The swings build connective tissue strength, and integrate the mind, body and breathing.

Connective tissue is given very little thought. We all want muscles, but what is wrapped around every organ and single muscle and tendon, connecting the whole body as one unit? Yep, connective tissue also known as fascia. The best way to develop the fascia (and protect the body against injury) is with forces applied in axial and spiral motions, and daily practice.

The circular movements of club swinging (which includes figure 8s and spirals) generate traction which nourishes and decompresses the joints and improves blood flow. Because the weight of the clubs is relatively light, there is no negative impact on recovery. On the contrary, a light club swinging session acts like low intensity aerobic training, which  helps restitution from intense activities.

If you want to balance your activities for optimal well being and stay active in old age, you cannot neglect the recovery side of your strength training routine.

The Pahlavandle was designed to get people into club swinging, and as a tool you could easily travel with.  Check out Steve Maxwell talk about it on London Real.

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