Terms of Sale

  1. Places on workshops are limited. Bookings operate on a “first come, first served” principle.
  2. To reserve a place on a workshop, payment must be made in full through the E-shop or bank transfer.
  3. If you cancel your place up to 21 days before the workshop start date, you will be offered 2 options: #1 another workshop at a later date or #2 a refund of 50% of the fee paid. If you choose option #1, you will only have this option once. If you cancel the next workshop, we are not expected to offer you another place on a future workshop.
  4. If you cancel your place within 21 days of the workshop start date, or do not show up on the day, we are not expected to offer you a place on a future workshop or refund any money.
  5. We reserve the right to cancel or move a workshop to a different date or location.In this instance a full refund will be offered.
  6. All measures are taken to ensure your safety on workshops and online coaching, however you participate and train at your own risk. Thierry Sanchez cannot be held liable for injury in any way.
  7. You are responsible to arrange your own accommodation, transport and meals.
  8. You are responsible to turn up in time at the venue on the day of the course, according to the details provided online.
  9. For group bookings, a non refundable 30% deposit is asked from the host to secure and confirm a date.
  10. Digital products (kettlebell training pdf) and online coaching are non returnable and non refundable.
  11. Prices may change without prior notice.

Within this document ‘we, our, company, company’s’ refers to Thierry Sanchez and ‘you’ refers to the client.


Exercise is not without its risks, and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. They include but are not limited to: risk of injury, aggravation of a pre-existing condition, or adverse effect of over-exertion such as muscle strain, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of heartbeat, and very rare instances of heart attack.

To reduce the risk of any injury and /or illness, before beginning this or any exercise program, please seek medical advice for guidance regarding appropriate exercise levels and precautions. It is particularly important to seek such advice if you suffer from an ongoing medical condition which may be affected by exercise.

The exercise instruction and advice presented is for information purposes only and is in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation.

As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a suitably qualified health professional.