Workout of the month “May”

Workout of the monthTime to go take your workout outdoors, get some sun and fresh air while training. Remember to train barefoot as much as possible to stimulate the sensors in your feet.

The workout of the month is meant to be an inspiration for your training, offering a change of pace. It is not a full program.
Although, by tweaking the training variables, you could recycle this workout for a while

Listen to your body, and substitute exercises if you lack the equipment. It is up to you to scale things down or up according to your fitness levels.
Remember to warm up and cool down.

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Workout of the Month | “May 2017”

Set the timer: 15 sec. work / 15 sec. rest.

There are 6 exercises, so 1 round takes 3 minutes to complete. A good session can be done 5 to 8 rounds, taking from 15 to 24 minutes.
Since you’ll be doing only a few reps in each interval, pick a relatively heavy weight, but keep it submax.

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  1. Kettlebell swing
  2. Crawl backwards on all 4
  3. Indian clubs back circles, double time
  4. Duck walk
  5. Sandbag clean and press
  6. Side to side shuffle with reach

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Good training!