There is a very good reason why everyday people, physiotherapists, Crossfit instructors, the military, personal trainers, and even schools attend my workshops!


I have been teaching group classes and workshops since 2009. My focus remains the same. It’s about the basics, done to perfection and delivering my message in a simple way everyone can understand. From there on, you’ll be able to build on complexity.

You will receive the required tools to improve your own skills and gain the trust of your clients.

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Swinging clubs for strength has a history dating back more than 2500 years, and has its roots in ancient India and Persia.
Indian clubs are a perfect discipline for any athlete that lift weights overhead but also for anyone who spends time in front of a computer. One key aspect of practice with Indian clubs is the positive effect on the nervous system which helps restitution.

On a workshop, you will learn the basics of Indian club swinging. The  exercises are presented in a safe and effective manner so that they can be practiced at home after attending the workshop.

The Indian clubs certification is a weekend course. We cover more advanced combinations, footwork, light and heavy clubs, and how to teach from simple to complex swings.

Here’s what weightlifting legend Tommy Kono has to say about Indian clubs in his book “Championship Weightlifting”:

“Although the weight of the Indian Clubs may be only a pound or two, it isn’t so much the weight, but smoothness of the swing and the rhythm that increases the mobility of the shoulders, elbows and wrists. A few minutes spent in working with the Indian Clubs will more than pay off in great dividends as a recovery exercise. I bring your attention to this type of training because I have benefited from them and feel there is a need to promote flexibility in the shoulders without taxing them.”


The Kettlebell Foundation Instructor course is essential if you are planning to teach training with kettlebells.
On this course, we concentrate on proper technique of the essential lifts with a single kettlebell, and how to spot and correct mistakes.

You’ll be actively involved in the teaching process, assessing and correcting each other throughout the day.

To participate on an instructor course, previous experience with kettlebells and knowledge of the exercises in the course is required. This is not a workshop for beginners.

  • Full day course
  • Safety
  • 9 Foundation kettlebell exercises (TGU, swing, clean, half snatch, snatch, press, bottom up press, push press, jerk)
  • How to cue and correct the most common mistakes
  • How to prevent bruises and blisters
  • How to structure training sessions
  • Trainer resources

rganized in different levels of complexity.


The kettlebell specialist course takes off where the foundation course left you. Once you have the basics in place, this course will take your training to the next level by revealing the full potential of the kettlebell as a training tool.

  • Full day course
  • Double kettlebell lifts
  • Circular kettlebell execises
  • Split stance exercises
  • Kettlebell flow
  • Introduction to kettlebell juggling